Wednesday, September 18, 2013

::.Winter Wonderland.::

'Tis the Season! 
For Snowflakes, Eskimo Kisses, and WHITE! There is something magical about Snowflakes, there are no two alike! Which goes the same for you and your soon to be! Bring your guests into your Mystical, Snowy, Winter Wonderland; and embrace this chilly season coming upon us!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rain! Rain! Go away! Come back another day! Or at least get some cute photos!!

As the Old Mothers tale has it, rain is bad luck on your Wedding day-- but I saw its an opportunity to get some unique shots of your special day! And who says Old Mothers are to decide your fate! 
We've had a couple different couples LOVE that it was raining on their day, in Arizona its actually very special when we get rainy days! With the cute options for photos, we have even had a couple different couples bring in the galoshes and umbrellas just for a photo op anyway!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

{Trend Spotting} .::. Feathers! .::.

With Gatsby on our mind, Feathers are another trend coming about! White fluffy feathers everywhere! I've noticed the trend in not only Wedding Gowns (Short and Long), but also in details. Hair Pieces, Belts, Shoes, and Jewelry.  How about the decoration details too? Escort Cards, Centerpieces, Ceremony Isle Decor, Even a Grand Exit. Spruce up your all white look with some Feathers!!