Friday, June 28, 2013

{A White Affair!} | Trend Spotting .::White Decor::.

The Dress is White, Flowers, Linens, Chairs, China, and even the Cake! What a luxe way to bring sophistication and elegance to your event! I believe it is a classic, timeless, beautiful approach to a theme, or decor option. While you may want to add your own splash of color in, I've found some shots of ALL WHITE! 

Enjoy! :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

{{ Aisle Decor }}

Details to your ceremony space are just as important as your reception details! I have two very important tips that EVERY Bride needs to know and consider. First, you can use some of the details in your ceremony in your reception as well! Why pay double for florals? If you are using large centerpieces, ask your coordinator or friends to place them at the alter and/or end of the aisle; then have them moved into your reception space as the table centerpieces. Second, we all know the floating candles on the aisle look super pretty! BUT, I have never seen a single wedding that uses this detail where a vase didn't get tipped over. Glass breaks, water everywhere, and takes up time. Unless you're putting them on some sort of elevation--consider the hazard. 

With that in mind, check out the details I've come across that I don't see too often and will totally spruce up any ceremony space!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

.:: Twinkle! Twinkle! Lighting! ::.

Looking to add some lighting decor to your event? Just even the simple touch of twinkle can bring a romantic, upscale feel to your event. While there are many different companies that will come out to your venue and assemble the lighting for you, designating this task to friends or family may not be a bad idea as well! Check out the light wall and different lighting decor I've come across!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Tasty Treat! .::Dessert Bars!::.

I've always wondered why everyone just raves over wedding cake. Personally, not a fan at all. Or even of cake in general! Cup Cakes, I can handle a bite or two. As long as they are not seeping with frosting! I know that there are many out there that feel the same way I do. We love pie, and cheese cake, and brownies. So, if YOU as a couple dislike wedding cake as well-- why spend all that money on one! If you've started your cake shopping, you'll realize how large the price tag is on a traditional wedding cake. Here's a hint. Most cake professionals can do other desserts too!!! And if you still don't want to spend that money on it, you can special order cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and pies from your local grocery store bakery at a small price tag! 

Now, lets talk about the decor of this dessert bar. While I have seen a ton of couples do a dessert bar instead of the cake, sometimes they will include a small 4 inch cake to cut into and feed each other to keep the traditional feel. Keep in mind as well, having a dessert bar CAN cut down on cost with your venue. Some, not all, venues charge extra for cake cutting, plating, and serving. Then, you also have to pay for the extra flatware and china! (Tre Bella includes ALL the flatware and china in ALL of our packages. Cake cutting and serving is ALSO included! Have I mentioned we are ALL INCLUSIVE!) Serving platters for your desserts can be found at Hobby Lobby (40% of coupons or watch for 50% off sales), Discount stores like Marshall's or Home Goods, and even Ikea. Having different Jars and Platters is okay!

Check out some ideas I've pulled for you...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bridal Party Photo ideas!

All Together Now! Now that you've taken beautiful shots of you and your spouse, lets get the bridal party! While some still prefer the traditional poses, check out some fun ideas I found!