Thursday, June 27, 2013

{{ Aisle Decor }}

Details to your ceremony space are just as important as your reception details! I have two very important tips that EVERY Bride needs to know and consider. First, you can use some of the details in your ceremony in your reception as well! Why pay double for florals? If you are using large centerpieces, ask your coordinator or friends to place them at the alter and/or end of the aisle; then have them moved into your reception space as the table centerpieces. Second, we all know the floating candles on the aisle look super pretty! BUT, I have never seen a single wedding that uses this detail where a vase didn't get tipped over. Glass breaks, water everywhere, and takes up time. Unless you're putting them on some sort of elevation--consider the hazard. 

With that in mind, check out the details I've come across that I don't see too often and will totally spruce up any ceremony space!

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