Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Tasty Treat! .::Dessert Bars!::.

I've always wondered why everyone just raves over wedding cake. Personally, not a fan at all. Or even of cake in general! Cup Cakes, I can handle a bite or two. As long as they are not seeping with frosting! I know that there are many out there that feel the same way I do. We love pie, and cheese cake, and brownies. So, if YOU as a couple dislike wedding cake as well-- why spend all that money on one! If you've started your cake shopping, you'll realize how large the price tag is on a traditional wedding cake. Here's a hint. Most cake professionals can do other desserts too!!! And if you still don't want to spend that money on it, you can special order cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and pies from your local grocery store bakery at a small price tag! 

Now, lets talk about the decor of this dessert bar. While I have seen a ton of couples do a dessert bar instead of the cake, sometimes they will include a small 4 inch cake to cut into and feed each other to keep the traditional feel. Keep in mind as well, having a dessert bar CAN cut down on cost with your venue. Some, not all, venues charge extra for cake cutting, plating, and serving. Then, you also have to pay for the extra flatware and china! (Tre Bella includes ALL the flatware and china in ALL of our packages. Cake cutting and serving is ALSO included! Have I mentioned we are ALL INCLUSIVE!) Serving platters for your desserts can be found at Hobby Lobby (40% of coupons or watch for 50% off sales), Discount stores like Marshall's or Home Goods, and even Ikea. Having different Jars and Platters is okay!

Check out some ideas I've pulled for you...

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