Tuesday, July 23, 2013

{S'More Love!} S'more making bars!!

Who doesn't love sitting by a campfire roasting Marshmallows and making S'Mores?! While on my summer trip back home, all I wanted to do was make S'Mores. We didn't until the last night I was there, but we thought of so many different concepts to making this yummy treat! So now, I'm back in the office. And what a great idea to add to your reception! I've seen people do fondue stations, Ice cream stations, Dessert Buffets, Candy Tables, but never a S'More station! Remember: Consult with the venue for how you will be roasting the marshmallows. It may be listed in your contract that you can not have an open flame such as you would need to do this task. I found some examples to share with you. An indoor venue used Sterno's, in a safe area with Attendant, to roast away! Different chocolates, fruit, and toppings are a great addition!! 


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