Thursday, July 4, 2013

.:: Unity Ceremonies ::.

During the Ceremony you may choose to have an extra Unity ceremony. Traditionally, couples have used a Unity candle that the Mother of both the Bride and Groom each light a candle. Then, the Bride and Groom take those candles and light a candle together with those two. While in research for the purpose of this ceremony, I've found some Non-Traditional ceremonies that you may want to incorporate. All to show the love of bringing your lives together!

This is the Tree of Life Ceremony. Where both the Bride and Groom watered the Tree, then planted it in their backyard to see not only the tree grow, but their love as well <3

A Sand Ceremony is where the Bride and Groom with combine two different colors of sand into one Jar. Symbolizing their lives forming into one, where the grains of sand cannot be separated just as their love.

Unity Candle

Heart Painting Ceremony

Beer Ceremony

Love Letter Ceremony. The Bride and The Groom write letters to one another, and on their 1st, 5th, or whatever anniversary they choose; they read the letters. 

Painting Ceremony. You could also tape off your Initials and once its dried, peal off the tape. Great piece to hang in your home to remind you of your special day!

Tie-ing the Knot! Using sailing rope, you can tie a Fisherman's knot. The knot only gets stronger as you pull! 

Wine Ceremony

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  1. Great post!! Very glad to know about all these unity ceremonies. But do know about some of them. Thanks for sharing it. Recently attended my friend’s lighting unity candle at a beautiful chapel. After that a small party was held at one of Venues in NYC. It was simply enjoyable day.